About us

Our history begins way back in 1950 and, to be honest, we still do some things the way we used to, for example, shopping at the local market or making hand-rolled pasta!

The management of our guesthouse is historic, almost an antique, because we’re already the third generation of the Mangianti family (the surname says it all!). We grew up with the cult of hospitality and traditional cuisine: essential ingredients for the perfect holiday!

Joyful and friendly atmosphere

We’re one of the typical family-run guesthouses of Romagna. Here you can relax in an informal atmosphere and a simple and joyful environment.

We offer guests the true hospitality of Romagna, quality, both with regard to cuisine and cleaning, and the convenience of being only 50 metres from the beach. Our mission is to make guests feel “at home” while on holiday!

Two things that make your stay at Hotel Conca d’Oro really special:

1. The taste of discovering tradition, both in the kitchen and in terms of hospitality!
2. Feeling “at home” despite being on holiday!

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Where to find us

Via E. Colli, 4

47922 Rimini (Viserbella)

Tel. (+39) 0541.721060

WhatsApp: (+39) 0541.721060

How to reach us

We are in the ZTL area: no fear! Upon your arrival, let us know your car license plate and we will authorize you to transit.

By car: Attention, unfortunately, most of the indications provided by navigation systems are not up to date! The correct road to enter Viale Colli is from via Domeniconi/Serpieri (road parallel to the railway) towards the sea and not vice versa.

By train: we are connected to the Rimini railway station with bus no. 4 which stops 250 m from our facility on Viale Serpieri!
For timetable information, consult the website startromagna.it