Traditional cuisine
Air-conditioned rooms
A stone’s throw from the sea
Tranquillity and relaxation

Conca d’Oro Hotel in Viserbella, Rimini

Hello, I’m Giorgio Mangianti, owner of the Conca d’Oro Hotel in Viserbella (Rimini), a typical family-run guesthouse in Romagna. We’re a stone’s throw from the sea, we offer all comforts and we cook traditionally: hand-rolled pasta, quality produce.

If you’re looking for a destination for a quiet holiday then Viserbella’s for you! Here you’ll find an informal setting with all the basic comforts. We offer a b&b service with overnight stay and sweet and savory buffet breakfast. Also at lunch we have a quick meal service with: first courses, wraps and salads.

We may not be in any Michelin Guide, but we’re certainly in the hearts and minds of all the people who come here every year, making our work truly rewarding.
Giorgio (the owner)

About us

Our history begins way back in 1950 and, to be honest, we still do some things the way we used to, for example, shopping at the local market or making hand-rolled pasta!

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Our Strengths

Air-conditioned rooms With us, your holiday is cool and you won’t have to suffer the heat thanks to our air-conditioned rooms! Sleep well at night and stay cool, even during your afternoon nap.
Our cuisine Since 1950, when the Conca d’Oro opened its doors, local cuisine has always been the pride and joy of our guesthouse. Our kitchen, in addition to the rich breakfast buffet, is open for lunch and offers a menu with: the main dish of the day, pasta, wraps and salads.
50 m from the sea We’re a stone’s throw from the sea and we know that on holiday, comfort is everything! The beaches of Viserbella offer all modern comforts and services. Travelling with the family? Don’t worry! Our beaches are child-friendly, so you’ll be able to enjoy the sea and relax.

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Where to find us

Via E. Colli, 4

47922 Rimini (Viserbella)

Tel. (+39) 0541.721060